Thank you for looking at our herd of LaManchas.

We got back into raising LaManchas in 2012. The main reason for getting back into dairy goats after 20 years was for our children: fresh milk and milk that we knew what was in it.

I (Bill Welshans) raised LaManchas as a child under the herd name Willie Valley. I loved LaManchas and showed every weekend. My love for goats came from Ned & Cathy Soult. They let me keep my first goat at their farm until my parents saw that I would take care of it. Then I was told I could build a barn, if I paid for half of it. So Ned Soult, who was so much like a father to me, gave me a job. Willie Valley quickly became a LaMancha herd that showed very well and milked even better. Then I got older and got into horses and rodeo. That took over and the LaMancha herd fell by the wayside. After 6 years I sold out.

In 2009 I married the love of my life, Jennifer, and started a family. Jennifer is a health food kind of person. With our first born son, JT, Jennifer hated feeding him commercial formula in his bottles. I told her about goats milk, and so we started back into dairy goats. Now with 3 children under 4, they all crave their goats milk. So Welshans Acres Dairy Goats was formed.

In 2012, we sought out Lamancha herds and bloodlines: Lucky Star (which was my childhood dream to buy from), Little Orchard (now one of the longest Lamancha breeders and one of the best breeders of Lamanchas), Kastdemurs (top Lamancha breeders for the past 15 years), Daltons Way (one of the upcoming Lamancha breeders on the east coast), Forrest Pride (top producing milk herds of Lamanchas). 

Our breeding goals are, to breed goats that can milk over 8lbs or more from yearling and older, also that can show in a competitive breed class. 

Thank you for your interest in our herd. We offer 4-H and FFA discounts, and will have many babies and milking does for sale in the spring.